• DETRACOM Radiocommunication e-DMR Digital Network

DETRANET™ is a professional digital TDMA (Time division Multiple Access) radiocommunication system, developed by DETRACOM, allowing analogue and digital operation modes and available in all VHF frequency bands (30-50 MHz, 68-88 MHz and 148-174 MHz) of the Private Mobile Radiocommunication market. DETRANET™ allows to propose a single or multisite system to constitute a local or very large regional interconnected radio network thanks to the e-DMR technology.



  • The best market spectral optimization
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • System autonomy
  • Secure Network
  • Easier Monitoring
  • Analog/Digital compatibility,  field & financial easy migrations from analog to digital

DETRACOM developted its own microwave equipments in the 1.5 GHz radio band. They are sold in the whole world and appreciated by our customers for their qualities.


Strenghts :

  • Low power consumption
  • Sturdiness
  • Analog or Digital
  • Long-Range
  • Different channel spacing

DETRACOM designs almost all items, and these are manufactured in France.

Our company, specialized in low bands (VHF) of the Private Mobile Radiocommunication (PMR) market, has especially developed the full range of digital products necessary for optimal operation of its DETRANET™ networks  working with e-DMR technology.


Made In France :

  • Quality
  • Celerity
  • Adaptability

Specific Developments



Network Maintenance




DETRACOM is accustomed to the specific developments demanded by discerning customers. We understand the problems of large users and bring our expertise to facilitate the integration process of the radio in their current and future environments.

For this purpose, it is necessary to maintain the best responsiveness possible. Therefore DETRACOM develops its products in-house, and spends much of its revenue to the acquisition of skills within its research department.


Avantages :

  • Proximity and understanding of customer needs
  • Reactivity
  • Long-term support (new products, old ranges)

DETRACOM keeps its roots in the analog radio world, and proposes to maintain all types of radio networks. Our specialized teams work everywhere in the world, whether to provide preventive missions or curative missions.


  • Planning of large projects
  • Professionnalism
  • Adaptability

Following the requirements of customers not convinced by the competing systems, DETRACOM has developed the e-DMR (DMR extended) technology. This digital technology allows 3-way flow of communication in a channel spacing of 12.5 kHz therefore offers a spectral efficiency higher than the market.


Digital Technology :

  • Spectral Efficiency (full duplex)
  • Stability of the technologie